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Sabtu, 8 Mei 2010

happy 22nd birthday mr jimjim~~

today is 7th may 2010
you are getting old my dear mr jim2
owh, you are gettin' old!!
please accept the truth mr jim2!
you are 22 now!
no matter how it is
no matter what u are
you are getting old!
although u are gettin' old
have many wrinkles~
that i can't count it
always babbling at me
such as granny always babbling to her naughty grandson
and of course 'the granny' is refer to you
* laughing in 'guling2 mode'... :))) *
even u are not handsome and good looking at all
*it's good for me to hear because no one can take your from me*
(although we are in the same age...haha)
i'm here to wish for your happiness and wish all your dreams come true
always carry up a millions of support *maybe more than millions*
and always pray for you for your own good
thanks u so much because always supporting me
in whatever i'm doing
(and of course which is good)
advising me for my own goods
totally a good adviser for me i think!
that's make me think and set up in my mind that i need you for all my life
of course till the end of my life
here and ever after
and that's make me think that u are totally super duper awesome!
thank you again because...
becoming a very good friend of mine
u are very best friend that i ever had
*cos we are best friend before what we have been through now*
always accompany me when i'm alone
always make me remembered which is good and which is wrong
a very good reminder
a good listener
*even it is not pretty good..haha*
u are awesome
u are music for me
u make me alive
u make my life become melodic
u bring a lot of happiness for me
bring a song of happiness in my life!!!
do everything for my best
to keep me comfort
no more sorrow
it's totally great!!
like your guitar always accompany you
when you getting bored,
you getting alone
it's hard,right?
and of course it is hard to lost someone who you cared and loved
your skills become lessen and suddenly it's disappear
(i wish you can imagine how are your life without your guitar)
if u are dissappear,
i feel....
it's loneliness
it's horrible for me!
that's become tragic for sure
sorrow comes again!
it's totally the same
such as you and your guitar
(of course our shiro, your beloved guitar)
you are not in good mood at all
but sick and tired
anger always take place
i think i really know you
i've been facing that moment ago
hopefully u can imagine it mr jim2
it's full of suffer and misery
millions of thanks
(but i think this is not enough)
for bring a lot of happiness
the glimpse of you
blissed my life!
blossomed of love
inspired me in whatever i do
make me pondering whether it's true we are meant together
whether chemistry are underlying between us...
u are my sunshine
always brightening and shining my life
darkness was disappear at all
like a flower that always blooming with love and care
as a candle as burning itself to give a light for others in a dark and fears
protecting me from taken by evil
always in a true path
as for me, u are enlightening me
of course the sorrow has been gone 
thankful for the meeting of us
we been together almost for age
and hope it can be for ages
and till we are died
here and ever after
i hope that i will repay for u
for all of your sacrifice
for all that you've done
can accompany u like your beloved guitar
*our Shiro*
enlightened your life
even i don't know what i'm doing for you is good enough
to pay what already you've done for me
to make me safe
to make me still alive
to make me always be me
i don't care if people said that i've changed because of you
not 'hardcore' anymore
become "jiwang2" person
as long i can make you happy
always can make u smile
it's ok because all i need is you
only you!!
it's good enough for me
hope our love always blooming
never wilt
never die
thanks for everything that you have done
happy birthday mr jim2!!

karutan si tukang karut,

p/s: (hari ini xberapa nak mengarot..hihi)
sorry, i'm not very good in english.. just want to try with all my best to express my feelings toward someone that i love... :)

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Agym berkata...

beautiful~ thanx naza~ x)~ really2 appreaciate it~ x)

momoQue berkata...

welcome jim2