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Ahad, 17 Oktober 2010

hey, stressors! back off!

so sad while looking to my blog..
coz no recent update  from me....
full of dusts i think~
(no wonders if no visitors are passing by here)

no idea to write down?
don't have any story to share?
of course i have many story to write down here..
but, i don't have much time to update my blog which is i have to spend much time to update my post here  rather than facebook...
write and click only
(sorry to say la my baby.. baby=my blog,..bhahahahaha)

why again?
coz i'm just too damn busy n until now i'm not finishing my asgnmt n proposal yet~
owh, so pathetic on me coz i can't finish my asgnmt until the end of my semester!
too many asgnmt!
thanks asgnmt!
love ya!
(that why i'm ''meroyan2'' now...)

and for ur information,
i think i am burn out today!!!
feel so tired, headache are play their role now as one of physical strain that taking part as one of stress components..
(after the factors and moderators are playing their part too as stress components..)
(hopefully all of u can understand it coz it's can be discuss in psychological manners)
and now, back pain also is around a corner i guess
(coz i can feel it too)
huh, what a busy hectic semester that i have to run through!!!
and currently missed my 'emak', my 'ayah', my 'adeks'
(they'll just called me a few seconds ago..)
wanna back home..
but, the truth is, it can't be done sayang..
stop dreaming la..
with all of ur lovely sweet asgnmts..
u just dreaming to go labu la dear~
(i'm talking to myself.. she's too emotionally, deep inside)

ok, now i think better i think rationally and fight n flight this stress..
hey stressors!
get lost la u!
u la stressors!
i fighting with u~

yes, i think i'm normal enough now~
so, i have to see my mr.asgnmt back~

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