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Khamis, 19 Januari 2017

Welcome 2017

Hello Readers,

i think, it is still not too late to wish happy new year to all of you.. we still in January right.

firstly, please be informed, kalau kau cikgu bahasa, ampunkan aku atas kecarcamerbaan dan campur aduk bahasa aku ni. ni bukan penulisan berunsur ilmiah. tapi just sharing my own thought and experience je...almaklomlah zaman2 viral ni risau jgk nak letak button share or post bukan2. kang viral mak naakkk,..  mak tak kalis kecaman dan sindiran.. hahah.. #tidakkaliskecaman #hahahahahahahaha..

hmm.. actually, this is my 1st post after a long years because I was thinking about to start blogging back. maybe because i just want to share my thought and need some place to put on my pieces of writing. actually i love reading. so maybe can share my reading material and opinion. furthermore, i have a few of new hobbies yang makes me to share some interesting stories, photo, information and so on which is also can help others to gain information to.

honestly, i was leaving this blog without posting since 2012 if i am not mistaken. which was after i am graduated and finish my studies. too busy with life maybe. or.. mungkin more kepada malas dan have some hobbies and different interest due life transition which is more specific. haha.

actually, i was not too busy. but yaa, maybe i was too focus to my working life. stressful working life sometimes cant be avoided. haha.. feel like having a good rest because previously i was working on shiftly-basis, only 2014 i have working on normal office hours which is i enjoyed it very much. especially it is a off and rest day on weekend which is i love the most.haha.

well yah.. since i am stop writing for a quite a long time, a lot of things happened in my life. especially working life,  marital status also changed. haha.. and i am also facing a traumatic accident last time which was required me about 1 year to fully recover. not fully, but getting much more better than if you can see me during the accident. haa. maybe i also can share it later in one of my piece of writing.

actually, aku sempat laa mencuci mata tengok my old posting in this blog. and honestly  i feel irritating and rasa menyampah pun ada, rasa seronok ade, rasa kelakar and tak sangka tu my own posting pun ada. cant believe it. how age transition hits me very badly. haha, ye la.. since 2012 kottt. 5 years ago.. i was 24 during that time. now, turns 29 but not yet la. birthday bulan 8 kan.. haha..  and sometimes, aku rasa aku punya sense of humor semakin berkurang and jadi more matured kot. kadang2 i was afraid to admit it.. haha.. kadang2 rasa dah takde idea nak bergurau sangat dah. haha..

ok la, since i am feeling that i was writing too much until i cant stop due to many things suddenly prompted up in my mind. and my husband's computer keyboard is quite different compared to my regular use, so i have some difficulties to adapt with his keyboard.  gamer punya keyboard ni is quite different laa kat aku. after this akan terbiasa la kot.haha.. i think i want to stop now, and catch my new posting later la ye. dedaaa.. btw, thanks for reading and visiting. (if available).. if takde. lantak la. haha. bye.,

Momoque aka Naz 

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